Microcosm – First Look

Link to photo gallery

By Jason Murphy. First Published 30/12/2017

Here is a selection of the first few pictures of the assignment that I have given the working title “Microcosm” – the mission to show how the larger issues of marine conservation are all happening right here on my own doorstep in the coastal waters of mainland BC and Eastern Vancouver Island.

That working title is going to change by the way. It came from an idea about Echo Bay, the world’s smallest marine park, but in order to do justice to the issues I’ll need to take in a bigger area – a landscape of coastal waterways and marine parks that include the world’s oldest whale sanctuary and is as complex as any other marine / socio-economic ecosystem out there.

As far as the results themselves go, I’m happy. Every day I see how I can improve, but by and large I’m getting the kind of photographs I have been hoping for.

This first cut is to give you an idea of what to expect going forwards and includes pictures of Steve Beans, who tells me he is the last independent salmon boat owner in Alert Bay, and Jared Towers, local scientist and conservationist with his father Dave, pioneer of the local whale watching industry.

Among many other things, Jared is Executive Director of the North Island Marine Mammal Stewardship Association (NIMMSA) and a Director of the Marine Education and Research Society based here in Alert Bay.

As I gather more pictures, this blog will become attached to a web gallery of images that will be the true centerpiece of the Sealives.org site.