Sealives Needs – A Co-Founder & Chief Association Officer

Posted by Jason Murphy. First Published 12/02/2018 

The Sealives Initiative is Vancouver, Canada based non-profit using photography and journalism to connect audiences with individuals who impact, are impacted by or otherwise face issues of ocean conservation in their daily lives.


The role of Chief Association Officer will be to harness the content created by the initiative to build strong donor, partner and membership relationships.


  • Create and execute the Initiative's donor acquisition plan.
  • Create and execute the Initiative partnership program seeking sponsorship for all its activities.
  • Create and execute the Initive's membership structure for subscribing members. 
  • Participate in the process of translating the Initiative's journalistic content into compelling educational campaigns and public events.


Extensive experience in building successful donor and/or partnership programs essential. Skill and a long-term comtment to building compleiing online communication assets important. Experience or an interest in crowd-funding a bonus.

The successful candidate will join the Initiative for a trial period with the promise of becoming a founder and board director if everything goes well.

Sealives is not currently funded – that will require donors, members, and over the long haul, subscribing members.

This is the Sealives Initiative's "founder moment" – the point at which a small group of people come together to do something special. The opportunity here is to get in on the ground floor of a project dedicated to the highest possible quality of content and sense of purpose to make a positive impact in the world, and to take full ownership of this part of this vital part of the operation.

A commitment to the not-for-profit sector is essential for this role. It is also important for whoever works on this project to have a progressive solutions-orientated outlook to conservation issues – Sealives will be optimistic, solutions seeking and open to good ideas wherever we find them, and will conform to journalistic standards of even-handedness when it comes to portraying its participants regardless of the part they play in the global story of ocean health.

If you can see yourself in this role or have questions please email with your LinkedIn link.