Sealives Has a Logo!

By Jason Murphy. First Published 17/12/2017 

Its been a pretty busy day all-in-all. Decisions have been made regarding the formal structure of Sealives – or The Sealives Initiative (TSI) as it will be officially called. I have begun the process of incorporating TSI as a Not-For-Profit in Canada and the intention is to move the company to charity status as soon as possible.

While Sealives is essentially an educational / photojournalistic documentary project at its core, it will also serve as a testimony to the actions people are taking in the field in other ways including the written word. The idea is to properly structure the initiative, firstly as a Not-For-Profit and ultimately as a charity so that it will maintain its focus (no pun intended,) create an obligation to transparency right from the start and provide benefactors with any benefits that come with contributing to charitable ventures.

Today's really exciting news though is that I now have a logo for the initiative and its web properties going forwards.

Its been a while since I worked on a logo personally and coming up with this one has been a ton of fun.

Early iterations were more organic looking in the typical style of NGOs and other organisations in the marine conservation space, but as I worked through the designs I realized that I wanted something more clear-cut and technical looking in keeping with the project's focus on people's place in nature as much as nature itself  – something that would draw out the themes of ocean life and photography but that would also not look out of place as a sticker or patch on dive equipment or the like.

Overall I'm very pleased with the result and can't wait to start putting it to good use. Here it is – nice huh?