Its Official – Sealives a Canadian Not-For-Profit

By Jason Murphy. First Published 23/12/2017 

The paperwork has come through and I am happy to announce that the Sealives Initiative is now officially a federally incorporated Canadian Not-For-Profit corporation.

This allows a couple of things:

Firstly it means that Sealives is immediately its own stand-alone entity. It will have its own finances, its own tax and reporting obligations and its own assets to be managed in such a way as to further the stated goals of the Initiative and only that.

Secondly it puts Sealives on the road to becoming a registered charity at some point before too long. This will allow Sealives to maximize its ability to apply its resources to its mission by reducing its tax burden and will allow donors to right off their contributions.

A registered charity is another thing again from a not-for-profit and my approach will be to demonstrate charitable activity by creating and publishing photography work in support of the Sealives mission before taking that step.

The next steps on the structural side will be to register the corporation under provincial law (necessary in Canada,) to set-up Sealives’ banking and to start looking around for other individuals to contribute and help run the Initiative.

A statement of Values for the Initiative will be posted at some point, but for sure Transparency will be one of them.

As part of that here are some of the entries from the Initiatives incorporation documents describing its purpose, structure and restrictions placed on its use of funds.

The corporations stated purpose and restrictions on its activities top the list. They read as follows:

To promote better understanding of the complexities of marine conservation and the people and communities touched by issues of marine conservation wherever they may be. 

Restrictions On Activities
Sealives exists to educate the public at large to issues of marine conservation and its activities must be restricted to only that.

Its difficult to convey how happy I am about this development. Its a small but very important step.

I believe strongly in the mission that has been created here. Getting it off to the right start so that its mission and commitment to focusing on that and only that is made clear along with clarity on how funds associated with the Initiative will be applied is essential to its credibility moving forwards.