A New Photography Site is Up So That I Can Focus on This One

By Jason Murphy. First Published 19/12/2017 

Today’s development is that the new site to house my photographic work in general, not only pictures I take for Sealives is up at xysogram.com.

It was important to get this up quickly so that I have somewhere to showcase my work to date – somewhere to point people to so that they can get. An idea of what to expect from Sealives prior to my having any actual output to contribute to it.

Right now it contains the work from my recent trip to Indonesia but it will grow organically in two ways: a) through the gradual backfilling of older projects, and; b) incidental photographs I take along the way.

The Sealife Initiative is the main focus – I allowed myself one day on this to get it to somewhere decent before moving on.

The goal is that photos under the Xysogram name can be sold to as an extra source of income while I get this thing moving. I have no idea if this is actually possible but I guess I’m going to find out!